Industrial Equipment

Single source of speed

In order to support the production processes of the Industrial Equipment sector, Dassault Systèmes developed solution called SINGLE SOURCE OF SPEED. This solution provides very efficient and very fast support for the design, development, manufacture and maintenance of machinery and equipment. The solution was developed in response to the demands of the global market, for multinational companies with distributed know-how, technology and manufacturing capabilities. Those companies face constant demand to deliver the projects minimising total cost, including distribution. In addition there is a lot of pressure on innovation, competitiveness and adaptation of the local market conditions. Advantages of the solution include:

  • Unique, uniform and comprehensive data model for product design, from the requirements of the function and logic to the physical model of the product for its entire life cycle
  • Use of a virtual three-dimensional model helps to surpass customer expectations and supports faster sales cycle
  • Ability to perform virtual product testing and simulation of its behaviour in the environment of its use
  • Uniform and controlled data storage for use in a globalized environment, irrespective of the geographical location of the project teams and individual team members involved in the development of products
  • More effective communication and cooperation of project teams, monitoring and management of all companies involved in a project , including companies own development and production programs
  • Supply chain integration
  • Full support for international standards
  • Maximizing productivity in product development
  • Integration of rules to speed up the development and production of the product

Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment solutions of Dassault Systemes are already deployed by the following customers: Continental Teves, Bilsing, MECHANICAL DESIGN and OSTROJ.

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