Product development

The High-tech Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This Industry can be simply defined as economic activities to produce widely used and advanced technologies.  The development of such technologies is accompanied by very high costs of innovation as well as costs related to the research and development. On the other hand, those activities can create higher added value.

While responding to the market requirements, Companies in the High-tech Industry face a number of problems in the development of complex electronic equipment.  Increasingly, the market requires quick reaction and adaptation to individual customer requirements in the shortest possible time. This in turn limits the time available to gather requirement, develop and produce a new product. In today’s highly competitive environment, this set of issues can not be effectively managed without a robust and comprehensive PLM solution – such as ENOVIA V6 for example.

ENOVIA V6 provides solutions throughout the whole product development cycle – from an initial ‘collection’ of requirements, through the development and the implementation of changes to the final implementation and subsequent maintenance of the product. The key benefits are:

  • Comprehensive product design – from the requirement of a logic function to the physical model of the product in the complete process
  • Use a comprehensive solution for the design of Mechatronics and uniform definition of the digital product consisting of different components from development teams.
  • Ability to perform virtual product qualification, product simulation and unified modelling (building products) and thereby eliminating the boundaries between different software utilized in product development
  • Uniform and controlled data storage for use in a global environment where departments involved in the development of the product are scattered in a different parts of the world
  • Full support for the international standards used in the industry (ISO IEC 15288)
  • Maximizing productivity in the product development
  • Integration of rules to speed up the development  and production of the product



High-Tech Industry solutions from Dassault Systèmes are already deployed for those customers: 3M, AMD, SONY Corporation, Nikon, IBM Microelectronics, LG Electronics, Siemens ICM, Lenovo and NXP. The complete list of references related to the High-Tech Industry Solutions: