Energy, Process and Utilities

Cost control and savings

Around the world, Companies from the Energy sector are trying to explore new saving opportunities, streamline processes and push the boundaries of technology using an innovative approach and application of advanced knowledge and experience. For over 30 years, Dassault Systèmes develops technologies that are driving innovation across a range of sectors. Likewise, in the Energy sector the Industry leaders rely on the Dassault Systemes 3D applications and tools for simulation and processes modelling. The aim is to optimize and control every aspect of the business in the complete process, from the design, realization of capital equipment to support systems including shutdown and safe disposal.

Innovation often means doing new and innovative projects in a non-standard ways. Customers of Dassault Systemes can also share experiences and learn from each other. This opportunity is presented in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, which conceals a multi-dimensional family of products, utilised and verified by the world’s major projects and containing valuable experience and “best practice” of the Energy and Utility sector.

The Energy and utility companies are actually the driving force of modern civilization, the cornerstone of economic prosperity and at the same time also a necessary condition for the sustainability of future development. For those reasons DYTRON attaches high emphasis to this Industry and focuses on projects that can help streamline, speed up and reduce the cost of the design and construction, while maintaining compliance with legislation, regulations and provide a higher degree of security.


Energetika, Petrochemie a Utility (EPU)


There are 7 specific solutions for the Energy and Utilities segment:

  • 1st – Optimized construction investment unit (see ‘Optimized Plant Construction’ section)
  • 2nd – Ensuring the security of the investment unit
  • 3rd – Digital 3D form of investment unit
  • 4th – Renewable energy sources (like wind power)
  • 5th – Operation of the investment unit
  • 6th – Environmental issues and the inclusion of investment units
  • 7th – Customers controlled energy delivery

Solutions are built on ENOVIA V6 – an important component of 3D 3DEXPERIENCE platform. It was designed specifically for user profiles such as: Engineers, Mechanics, Product designers, Development Manager, Project Engineers, Product and Project managers, Buyers (sourcing) and Coordinators, Engineers, Subcontractors, Management Team representatives Sales Department. Solutions are platform independent and are controlled via a standard web interface. They are adaptable to a Windows platform, fully integrated with MS Office tools and meet the specific needs of organizations of different types. ENOVIA V6 is open to the environment of other enterprise systems and applications; this includes all major CAD, ERP, CRM and DMS systems linked to Active Directory as well as tools for the project management from third parties.

Optimized Plant Construction
Optimized Plant Construction is the solution for effective management of development projects and construction of industrial plants. Based on ENOVIA V6, this solution helps companies of all sizes to optimize investment costs, speed up the start of production and realize ROI. ENOVIA encompass all aspects of the project, facilitates collaboration and increases productivity of the project ecosystem at all stages – from design and planning through construction and operation to decommissioning. Project managers and engineers can focus on activities with high added value, while dynamic tools perform control and real-time simulation; this in turn reduces costs and shortens the process of design and implementation.