Aerospace & Defense

Advanced Technologies for demanding Industries

Aerospace & Defence (A & D) is one of Industries based and oriented on very advanced processes, regardless if this is research and development area or the production area. This Industry has enormous capacity to use the latest technologies, technical processes and innovation. Teams involved in the product development and manufacturing processes are required to cooperate and communicate in matured and disciplined fashion. Aerospace & Defence is one of the pioneers in deploying Product Life Cycle (PLM) systems.

Dassault Systèmes has its roots in this Industry (Dassault Aviation) and more than 30 years experience in developing complex solutions (3DEXPERIENCE platform). All this is based on strict Industry requirements and processes. Solutions offered in this area enable the following:

• Parallel work and collaboration within the supply chain using a single source of information about the product, process and resource definition,
• Quick creation of variations in optimal utilization of already existing components (reuse of components based on knowledge management),
• Acceleration of production start by defining product lines in parallel with the design of the product itself,
• Acceleration of innovation and guarantee the technical feasibility of options to examine a larger number of proposals, including proposals from suppliers, and quickly transform those into a suitable concept,
• Optimize the design, operation and maintenance process in order to improve value and reduce cost,
• Transparency of changing requests and design changes to reduce costs and sustainability of the production plan,
• Adaptation of  methods related to the quality in planning, products and processes.


DYTRON developed significant experience in the Aerospace & Defence Industry.  On this basis and partnership with Dassault Systèmes, Dytron provides consulting and solution implementation services in this area.