Technical support

Support and technical help

The portfolio of Dytron services includes technical support for companies which deployed Dassault Systemes products and solutions. Technical support is provided not only for Dytron Customers but also can be, upon request, offered to other companies.

Levels of support

ALC level

Technical support on this level is automatically provided to all of Dytron Customers who acquired any solution or product from the Dassault Systemes portfolio. This is the basic level of support directly related to the annual maintenance fees – the ALC payments. Non Dytron Customers can not subscribe to this level of service; their option is to use other support levels from the structure.

The most important feature of this support level service is the Hotline.

The scope of the ALC level of technical support is defined in detail here.

Higher standard support services are described below.


PAY level

This is a paid technical support and Dytron can offer it to any company utilising solutions and products from the Dassault Systemes portfolio. For Dytron Customers this service is offered if the ALC level is not adequate to the Customer needs. For other companies this is a standard level of services. This level of support includes:

  • Trainings
  • Macro creation and development of custom applications (postprocessors)
  • Implementation
  • Service intervention technique either on-site or remotely
  • Repeated installation and systems administration
  • Analysis of business processes
  • Creating methodologies

Each service type has appropriate rate (either hourly or fixed).

Technical support

SBP level

This is a special kind of PAY support level, designed for customers who have regular requirements for paid technical support. This type of support is suitable for companies that do not have trained administrators and are sourcing out development of specialized macros or methodology creation or similar.  SBP level is based on the credit system; a customer basically subscribes this service and gradually consumes it without additional administrative tasks like quotations, orders and billings. When using SBP level, customers are also able to obtain better hourly rate for technical support. This level relates to similar type of operations as included in the PAY level.

The precise scope of SBP technical support level is defined here.
SLA level

SLA level represents the highest level of technical support. In the principle it is a service contract, under which rates, range of services and response times as well as other terms are well defined. All technical support is then performed under this contract.

For more information please contact the Head of Technical Department either via e-mail: or telephone: +420 737 200 530.