The implementation project

Dytron manages all implementation projects utilising the international project methodology PRINCE2. All aspects of the project, from initial targets to the successful project completion are evaluated on the regular basis. This includes, among others; scope, schedule, costs and risks, all to provide desired benefits and satisfaction of the end Customer.


Characteristics of the Dytron implementation project based on the PRINCE2 methodology:

  • The whole project life cycle is clearly defined
  • Results are defined and measurable
  • Procedures to create results are coordinated
  • There is a defined range of resources
  • Organisational structure with defined responsibilities for project management is set
  • Timely escalation and risk planning is included
  • Evaluation of the project success is conducted


The implementation structure

Each implementation is divided into the following phases:

  • Phase I: Analysis and Design Solutions
  • Phase II: Pilot project implementation
  • Phase III: Implementation and operation of the PLM production system

During the project implementation there are regular meetings held among the project participants to ensure a proper information flow, current status update and compliance wit the Customer requirements.

Struktura implementace