Sharing experiences

One of Dytron main goals is to share acquired knowledge with Customers. This is usually achieved by training and Dytron offers a number of training courses in this service offering. The Company, however, went further and decided to enhance its offering by providing extra service – this is advanced analyses of 3D/PLM processes and instruments.

Analyses performed by Dytron include:

  • Detailed diagnostics of systems like CATIA and ENOVIA, procedures and processes used by those systems in relation to creation and management of product including data
  • Identification and assessment of the current state of the objects
  • Definition of bottlenecks
  • Design approaches and their optimization

Benefits of analysis:

  • A view of an independent and competent analyst
  • Comparison with experience of other and/or similar entities
  • Supportive documentation with methodology used for future references
  • Recommendation and methodology to implement changes

Analýzy Dytron


  • Varroc Lighting Systems – Analysis and follow-up in the form of a detailed methodology


  Why analyses should be performed?

Analyses help to identify and address gaps in education and processes.

  When to proceed with analyses?  

The first sign that something is wrong, for example spending more time on the product development or life cycle process than one would expect.

Why not conduct analyses internally?

From the practical research and experience it is apparent that employees are not approaching this type of activities impartially and objectively. When it comes to internal analysis, those are seldom critical and the management might get impression that everything is as it should be. This in turn impairs improvement of processes and subsequently leads to diminished competitiveness.

 Why use Dytron for analyses?
  • To address issues raised in the first three questions above
  • To utilise Dytron 3D/PLM systems and solutions competencies and years of experience in various environments to receive adequate support, options and recommendation