Pre-production processes at suppliers in the automotive industry


The first pfase of PLM monitor was processed during spring 2015. PLM monitor is a research project that monitors the situation about the product life cycle management in the Czech manufacturing companies. The research was focused on the management of pre-production processes in the automotive industry. The survey results also shown that a third of suppliers to the automotive industry still manages pre-production processes “historical” way.

More than half of the suppliers to the automotive manages the technical documentation of products in the directory structure on the server or local computers. A third of companies has a special application for data management (eg. ERP, PDM, PALSTAT, VAULT, Share Point, etc.), and only 13% have an integrated PLM system, an application for the product lifecycle management.

In most companies the change management and approval management are solved by passing circulars. The third of suppliers to the automotive has electronic control of processes through workflow and PLM system uses 13% of companies. More often they are companies with a higher turnover and a higher number of employees.

Only 40% of companies has online access to current information about the status of the project either through an isolated application or integrated PLM system.