Vision, mission


Be recognised by Customers as the preferred partner to supply, implement, share experiences and support Information Technology solutions.


Acquire and share experiences; observe professional environment, new technologies and trends in Information solutions; providing Dytron with ability to flexibly respond to the customer needs. Long term focus and systematic care for quality in delivered solutions, services, development and transfer of experiences; Quality is the primary tool to satisfy the customer requirements.

Key Values

  •  The permanent goal that is embedded in the corporate culture is to continuously improve and increase the Quality of solutions and services.
  • All employees are responsible for Quality Assurance of products and services.
  • Any process that affects the Quality is identified and incorporated into the system of interrelated processes to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the company in achieving its goals.
  • Our partners significantly participate in the creation of solutions and services – this is why we improve cooperation in clarifying mutual requirements and their implementation.
  • Effective decisions are based on analysis of data and information.